Prossimi concerti vicini a Bologna, Italia

Trova concerti, date di tour vicino a Bologna e compra i biglietti.
  1. Summer of Love (Shawn Mendes & Tainy)
  2. KESI - Remix
  3. Treat You Better
Shawn Mendes Photo

Shawn Mendes

  1. My Own Summer (Shove It)
  2. Change (In the House of Flies)
  3. Sextape
Deftones Photo


  1. Soldier's Eyes
  2. Who’s Hurting Who (feat. Nile Rodgers)
  3. Soldier's Eyes
Jack Savoretti Photo

Jack Savoretti

  1. Dear Maria, Count Me In
  2. Monsters (feat. blackbear)
  3. Monsters (feat. Demi Lovato and blackbear)
Low Photo


  1. Take Me Somewhere Nice
  2. Ritchie Sacramento
  3. Kids Will Be Skeletons
Mogwai Photo


  1. Runnin' Wild
  2. Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast
  3. Breakin' Outta Hell
Airbourne Photo


  1. Surfing with the Alien
  2. Always with Me, Always with You
  3. Satch Boogie
Joe Satriani Photo

Joe Satriani

  1. Freeze Tag (feat. Phoelix)
  2. Sleepless Nights (feat. Phoelix)
  3. Love You Bad (feat. Phoelix)
Robert Glasper Photo

Robert Glasper

  1. Everything Always Goes Wrong
  2. End of the Night
  3. Keep Slipping Away
A Place to Bury Strangers Photo

A Place to Bury Strangers

  1. You Do Something To Me
  2. Wild Wood
  3. Broken Stones
Paul Weller Photo

Paul Weller

  1. Refugees - Remastered
  2. Cat’s Eye / Yellow Fever (Running) - Remastered 2021
  3. Theme One - Original Mix
Van der Graaf Generator Photo

Van der Graaf Generator

  1. I Believe in a Thing Called Love
  2. Love Is Only a Feeling
  3. Growing on Me
The Darkness Photo

The Darkness

  1. Greek Tragedy - Oliver Nelson TikTok Remix
  2. Let's Dance to Joy Division
  3. If You Ever Leave, I'm Coming with You
The Wombats Photo

The Wombats

  1. Scratchcard Lanyard
  2. Strong Feelings
  3. Her Hippo
Dry Cleaning Photo

Dry Cleaning

  1. Mai Dire Mai (La Locura)
  2. Meno Male (feat. Willie Peyote)
  3. Ottima Scusa
Willie Peyote Photo

Willie Peyote

  1. The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth
  2. Satan Said Dance
  3. Over and over Again (Lost and Found)
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Photo

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

  1. Tuttecose
  2. Destri
Gazzelle Photo


  1. Mai Dire Mai (La Locura)
  2. Meno Male (feat. Willie Peyote)
  3. Ottima Scusa
Willie Peyote Photo

Willie Peyote

  1. L'amour toujours (feat. Delaney Jane) - Tiësto Edit
  2. Capsize - Dzeko & Torres
  3. All We Need (feat. Shy Girls) - Dzeko & Torres Remix Radio Edit
Torres Photo


  1. Giudizi universali
  2. Spaccacuore - new vrs 2012
  3. Freak - new vrs 2012
Samuele Bersani Photo

Samuele Bersani

  1. 10 RAGAZZE (con ERNIA)
  2. Ferma A Guardare (feat. Pinguini Tattici Nucleari)
  3. Superclassico
Ernia Photo


  1. The Rains of Castamere (From "Game of Thrones")
  2. Wonder Woman Main Theme
  3. Time (From "Inception")
Tina Guo Photo

Tina Guo

  1. Beyond the Shores (Excerpt III)
  2. Beyond the Shores (On Death and Dying)
  3. Beyond the Shores (Excerpt I)
Shores Of Null Photo

Shores Of Null

  1. Que Lindo Mi Cristo
  2. Bendito Cordero
  3. El Padre Que Siempre Soñe
Motta Photo


  1. La Pulce D'Acqua
  2. Il giocatore di biliardo
  3. Alla Fiera Dell'Est
Angelo Branduardi Photo

Angelo Branduardi

Luoghi più famosi per concerti in Bologna

  1. Locomotiv Club
  2. Estragon
  3. Covo Club
  4. Unipol Arena
  5. Teatro Duse
  6. Teatro EuropAuditorium
  7. Sequoie Music Park
  8. Social Center TPO
  10. Alchemica Music Club
  11. Locomotiv
  12. Freakout Club
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