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Canzoni famose

Top 10 delle canzoni di The Doobie Brothers più suonate nei suoi ultimi 40 concerti.

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Le canzoni che verranno suonate live sono state pubblicate nei seguenti album:

Prossima Setlist

Ascolta la Playlist del Prossimo Concerto (aggiornata dopo ogni data del tour):

Quanto dura il concerto?

Quanto dura il concerto? The Doobie Brothers sarà sul palco per circa 2:07. Ecco la probabile setlist basata sui concerti precedenti (99% probabilità):

Titolo canzone
  1. Best Of The Doobies cover Take Me in Your Arms (Rock Me a Little While)
  2. Minute By Minute cover Here to Love You
  3. Minute By Minute cover Dependin' on You
  4. Toulouse Street cover Rockin' Down the Highway
  5. Stampede cover Neal's Fandango
  6. Livin' On The Fault Line cover You Belong to Me
  7. Best Of The Doobies cover South City Midnight Lady
  8. The Captain And Me cover Clear as the Driven Snow
  9. Takin' It To The Streets cover It Keeps You Runnin'
  10. The Very Best Of cover Eyes of Silver
  11. One Step Closer cover One Step Closer
  12. Everybody Needs Love cover I Heard It Through the Grapevine (Gladys Knight & the Pips cover)
  13. Liberté cover Better Days
  14. The Very Best Of cover Real Love
  15. Minute By Minute cover Minute by Minute
  16. The Captain And Me cover Without You
  17. Tellin' It Like It Is cover Jesus Is Just Alright (The Art Reynolds Singers cover)
  18. Outside: From The Redwoods cover What a Fool Believes (Kenny Loggins cover)
  19. The Captain And Me cover Long Train Runnin'
  20. The Captain And Me cover China Grove
  21. Bis #1

  22. Best Of The Doobies cover Black Water
  23. Best Of The Doobies cover Takin' It to the Streets
  24. Toulouse Street cover Listen to the Music

The Doobie Brothers Mappa Tour 2024

Segui The Doobie Brothers nel mondo ed esplora i luoghi in cui puoi trovare The Doobie Brothers in tour.
84 Prossimi concerti, nei seguenti paesi: Canada, Stati Uniti, etc.

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