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Top 10 delle canzoni di Kameron Marlowe più suonate nei suoi ultimi 40 concerti.

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Le canzoni che verranno suonate live sono state pubblicate nei seguenti album:

Prossima Setlist

Quanto dura il concerto?

Quanto dura il concerto? Kameron Marlowe sarà sul palco per circa 1:26. Ecco la probabile setlist basata sui concerti precedenti (37% probabilità):

Titolo canzone
  1. We Were Cowboys cover Over Now
  2. Tequila Talkin' - Single cover Tequila Talkin'
  3. We Were Cowboys cover Giving You Up
  4. no cover Red Dirt Road
  5. We Were Cowboys cover Does It Have to Be Over
  6. We Were Cowboys cover Country Boy's Prayer
  7. Greatest Hits cover Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy) (Big & Rich cover)
  8. Sober as a Drunk cover Sober as a Drunk
  9. We Were Cowboys cover Ain't Enough Whiskey
  10. Keepin' The Lights On cover Tennessee Don't Mind
  11. We Were Cowboys cover Steady Heart
  12. I Can Lie (The Truth Is) cover I Can Lie (The Truth Is)
  13. Kameron Marlowe - EP cover Leavin' to Me
  14. At Folsom Prison cover Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash cover)
  15. Bis #1

  16. We Were Cowboys cover Girl On Fire
  17. We Were Cowboys cover Burn 'Em All

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