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Canzoni famose

Top 10 delle canzoni di Trisha Yearwood più suonate nei suoi ultimi 40 concerti.

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Le canzoni che verranno suonate live sono state pubblicate nei seguenti album:

Prossima Setlist

Quanto dura il concerto?

Quanto dura il concerto? Trisha Yearwood sarà sul palco per circa 0:59. Ecco la probabile setlist basata sui concerti precedenti (57% probabilità):

Titolo canzone
  1. Songbook: A Collection Of Hits cover XXX's and OOO's (An American Girl)
  2. Daniel Boaventura Canta Frank Sinatra (ao Vivo) cover Come Fly With Me (Sammy Cahn cover)
  3. My Huckleberry Friend cover One for My Baby (And One More for the Road) (Johnny Mercer cover)
  4. Songbook: A Collection Of Hits cover Wrong Side of Memphis
  5. The Song Remembers When cover The Song Remembers When
  6. The Song Remembers When cover Walkaway Joe
  7. Every Girl In This Town cover Every Girl in This Town
  8. Love Songs cover She's in Love With the Boy
  9. Greatest Hits cover How Do I Live (LeAnn Rimes cover)
  10. Bis #1

  11. Baby Klassik, Vol. 2: Musik, Die Beruhigt Und Kindern Guttut cover Over the Rainbow (Harold Arlen cover)

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